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consejos para madresThe arrival of a baby to the family is a huge life changing event.

During nine months we prepare for that moment, and when it arrives, a mix of happiness, dreams, fears and insecurities invade us.

Nothing will avoid the tiredness, nights withot sleep, doubts about the way we should act in every circumstance, but everything will be worth when we receive that first gesture, the first smile, the first tender look and every day will be a journey of discovery.

Even though people say every child brings a loaf of bread under his/her arm, they don’t come with an instruction manual. Is instinct what lead us, but in many occasions, we worry too much because we don’t know how to act under every circumstance like crying, fever, lack of appetite, sleeping problems, home accidents etc…and although every child is different we can find plenty of resources, techniques and tricks that can help us overcome every obstacle and enjoy this wonderful phase of our lives.

The best way to face any situation is to be prepared and informed ahead of time in order to avoid surprises. Because of that, in HITBABY we want to collaborate with you with a series of Articles and Tips that can facilitate the way and learning of PARENTING.

Besides, in this section, we will discuss other subjects that concern parents such as the legal aspects and rights that will allow you to reconcile work with family time.

Regarding mothers in particular, we cannot forget they are the ones that experiment most of the big changes in their bodies, mood, sexuality and it is basic for the baby’s development and for the relationship with her partner, that she does not loose her self esteem.

Specialists remind us everyday about the importance of a balanced diet and to control overweight during pregnancy to avoid health problems in the mother and child. Everyday dedication to exercise for a few minutes will help you carry a healthy pregnancy and feel good about yourself and your partner.

We present a series of specific exercises for this stage that will help mothers feel pretty and to prepare their bodies for birth.

And while we wait for such a big moment, there are important decisions that parents must make. Among the most important and difficult, is to find the right name for the new member of the family. A name we will continuously repeat, sometimes with love and sometimes with strictness. We have included a wide variety of girls and boys names, with their meaning, patron saint and origin, to have several options when we ask ourselves, how will we name him/her?.



Advice Center

Here you will find tips and tricks that will help you in your day to day, so those little home problems won’t bother you anymore.

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Baby’s Names

Are you looking for a name for your baby? We offer you a huge variety of names for boys and girls, their origin and meaning, name day and a wide selection of names in Catalonian, Basque & Galician. You can download the list in PDF.

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Beauty and Health

Prenatal exercises, beauty tips, massage for the baby, vaccination...

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