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etapas-desarrollo-lenguajeSpeech development differs from one child to another. However, we can establish several reference stages, that are common in most children. Around six months of age, almost all babies mumble their first syllables, and when listening to adults, they memorize the alphabet of what will be their native tongue. At this time, babies are still not able to understand the meaning of words, but they exercise imitating the sounds the hear around them.

In general, the different phases of speech development in babies are as follows:
• Between the fourth and fifth month: The baby starts to emit shrilling and acute sounds, in which the U can be recognized.

• Between the sixth and eight month: The so called “lalation”, when the child stars to mumble his/her first syllables: ba, ta, la, pa, ma.

• At ten months: The child starts to pronounce his/her first words clearly: "daddy" and "mommy", from which he doesn’t understand the actual meaning.

• Between the eleventh and twelfth month: He/she starts to pronounce a word form which he know the meaning of: Mom, dad, water. He usually invents words with an specific meaning, for example, “brum” which means a car.

• At eighteen months: He can handle vocabulary of at least ten words. He can also make phrases with complete sense as, for instance, “I want the ball”.

• Between two and two and a half years: He is able to establish an easy dialog and answer correctly to questions asked to him. Parents understand their language.

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