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 Baby Crying Analyzer

Baby Crying Analyzer

Category: Salud



The baby’s Crying

Why does my baby cry?


Babies cry. That’s a fact. No way to avoid it, is the only way they have to communicate. Since they cannot express themselves with words, parents may worry and ask themselves:


How can we know what he wants?


With the new HIT BABY1® Cry Analyzer parent will be able to know WHY THEIR BABY CRIES



analizador de llanto

The HIT BABY1®  Analyzer is an innovative system that allows you to analyze your baby’s crying electronically and identify the cause: hunger, sleepiness, boredom, anxiety, stress.

It includes a humidity and temperature gauge.

Easy to use, with a LCD display.





por que llora mi bebe


¡Now you will know

why your baby cries!



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