HITBABY arrives in Spain to facilitate the life of Spanish parents Print
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Its products offer easy solutions to facilitate care and safety of babies



HITBABY1®  products offer parents easy, economical solutions, that do not harm the child in any way.

Its catalog is described below:

 -    Crawling Kneepads
-    Pacifier-Thermometer
-    Location Bracelet for Children
-    Cry Analyzer
-    Wet Towel Warmer
-    Heartbeat Monitor
-    Smart Feeder

All HITBABY1® products comply with all EU quality & safety parameters, and for that reason, they are only available in pharmacies, drugstores and online, thru the following web page: www.hitbaby.es


HITBABY1® is a registered trademark of Altarget Targeting & Marketing S.L. This brand specializes in innovative products for baby protection and safety.
Distributed in pharmacies and drugstores around Spain.

Altarget Targeting & Marketing S.L  is a novel and dynamic Spanish company specialized in pharmaceutical marketing. The human team that works for our company is conformed by health professionals, highly qualified and with ample experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

For more information visit our web www.hitbaby.es / www.altarget.es  or contact our communication department by email thru: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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